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7 Tips to Make a Difference and Leave a Legacy

One expert said that there are three things in life that all men aim for: wealth, power and legacy. Among these three, legacy is the most important. Since people do not live forever, they can only aim to be remembered by future generations. This is also a very huge form of success that only a selected few are able to achieve. Success will largely depend on the steps you take and the decisions that lead to life-changing situations. Here are some guidelines on how you can stand out from the rest for years to come.


1. Take a different route. If you wish to be great and be remembered, you should not be generic. This means that you have to do different things from what the rest are doing. Do not follow the norm or live your life as if you’re following a manual. This also does not mean that you should break rules just to make a point. You have to learn more about your instinct and how you feel you can be unique from everyone around you. Every person is unique, but not everyone wants to stand out.


2. Make huge decisions. Too many people are scared of making big decisions because they do not want to be blamed or be accountable if things go wrong. Leaders have a habit of taking huge risks, which is why they also reap most of the rewards once their decisions prove to be right. As a budding leader yourself, you should be courageous enough to take the bold step and understand that the associated risks are also yours for the taking.


3. Meet the right people. Even if you’re not born into a wealthy or powerful family, there’s always the opportunity to meet great people who can help you leave a mark in history. This will mean having to work for some of the big companies, follow advice or be an assistant for someone you fully appreciate and look up to. Look for the right mentor whom you can follow but stay away from people that will only ruin your reputation or you might leave a bad legacy.


4. Have children. The best people who will continue your legacy long after your gone will be none other than your family. Having children will ensure that there are direct people under you who will carry your name and legacy. Teach your kids about your goals and future plans and what their roles are in the future. Some of the major goals you have may not be achieved in one lifetime, so you have to let younger generations meet your expectations. Let them establish their own legacies through your guidance.


5. Be original. To successfully leave a legacy, you have to either be the first or be the best. This means that originality is important if you want to be remembered by future generations. Some of the most successful individuals who left legacies are either inventors or innovators, such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, President Roosevelt, etc. You have to think of ways that will stand out from what people are generally accustomed to.


6. Have a noble purpose. Too many people fail to leave a legacy because they were only thinking of themselves in the first place. Try to think of ways to help those in need, as well as find methods that will make the world a better place. Putting others’ concerns over yours will let people recognize your practices faster, so you don’t have to put yourself on a pedestal trying to let everyone know you’re doing something great. Let them realize your virtues and principles for themselves and everything else will follow.


7. Be patient. Creating a legacy takes years and sometimes an entire lifetime. Others do not even start their legacy long after they’re dead. You have to keep working on your project and focus on the challenges instead of thinking how you’re going to go down in history. Focus on the tasks that need to be done and stay connected with the right people. Also be open to opportunities to let others know about what you’re doing. Legacies do not have to be huge all the time. You can leave simple legacies that will be recognized by your closest friends and family.


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  1. Franklyn says:

    It is actually hard to find advised people on this topic, but you seem like you no doubt know exactly what you are sharing! Thanks

  2. You are a very clever person!

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