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7 Reasons Why You Should Place the Interests of Others First

According to the law of stratospheric success, it’s vital to put the interests of others first and you will realize that you also increase your own value by doing so. Being part of a team should be an opportunity you’re willing to grab. You can take on the role of an educator or mentor to maximize the potential of everyone around you, thereby increasing your potential to accomplish bigger tasks and challenges. People will also appreciate you more and will be more willing to follow your lead once they see your principles and virtues.


1. Increasing others’ value will increase your own. According to the law of success, boosting the value of others will mean that you are enabling more people to be capable of tackling bigger tasks and challenges. As a result, your own value will also increase. You also don’t have to worry much about situations and issues, considering that there are already skilled and reliable individuals in your team. Taking on the role of a leader will lessen the burden on you, and also inspire people to maximize their potential and follow your lead.


2. Increasing others’ value leads to success. It is already an accomplishment to encourage others to maximize their skills and potential. You have to increase your knowledge abilities through training, but as a leader and coach, it becomes your task to share what you’ve learned to people who need it most. The training you provide will help others realize their own dreams. You will feel fulfilled sharing what you know to these people. They will also keep coming back to you for guidance and advice as they continue their journey.


3. Enjoying the rewards together. Putting the interests of others before you will make people appreciate you more as a caring and understanding coach. Should they experience success at any time, you will also benefit from the results. You can enjoy the rewards together, as well as take some of the credit for helping them. No matter how big or small the reward, it’s always a great feeling to share these together with the people you care about.


4. People work harder for their own interests. You do not need to enforce as many motivational methods if you put others’ interests first. This means that people like to work harder if they know they will benefit the most from the endeavor. As a group, all of you increase the value and potential of every member. This is a lot different and more meaningful compared to taking on tasks together, but only having you as the main recipient of the treasures that lie in wait.


5. It increases the value of relationships. Doing things as a group with you as the motivator and inspirational coach will enhance the bond you form with your people. You can establish trust and rapport easily, as well as encourage each other to be consistent especially during hard times. During your own difficult periods, you will find these individuals also willing to be there to offer your support and inspiration. Relationships that are enhanced in this manner will last long and will let you enjoy success for years to come.


6. Improving the environment. By enhancing the skills and potential of those around you, the world becomes a much better place to live in. The individuals you train and encourage will continue to be successful as they take on new roles and challenges, even if these tasks do not include you. Work becomes much more efficient for everyone. You also lessen your stress and worries by counting on these people to stay consistent and disciplined every time.


7. Creating new leaders. In the same manner that you transformed into a true leader through the help of your mentor and support system, you should also expect your own people to become leaders in their own right someday. You then create a system of putting the interests of others before your own. The people you train will also later on understand the value of others over their own, thereby continuing the process. This type of success creates a legacy for you that will last for several years. Always look for people who are ready to move ahead and take on bigger responsibilities.


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